16 de abril de 2013

Mmmm...escultura!! :))) | Mmmm...sculpture!! :)))

Still Life: Ron Mueck at Work - Short Edition. Exposition Ron Mueck, Fondation Cartier. 2013

I haven't written for a while now and I'm sorry but I'll soon post news!!

I've just finished my last scarves and am starting to add the new Colection to the online shop so check it out on a daily basis to see the news!!

I'll be LIVE at the CCB! every month, at the Mercado do CCB | Novo&Antigo. You may find me there in person and try all the pieces you see online :) It's wonderful to have you there, I loved the experience at the last craft fair.

So, see you soon with lots of news and special surprises (but those, I'll only uncover in the Summer) ;D

Nena M.

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