27 de abril de 2013

Things about me :)

I have a (tiny!) colection of musical instruments :)

I studied classical music for 11 years, I grew with it. It's present and all important everyday of my life, even when I don't listen to it on the subway. There are phases when I listen to music everyday, on my studio...and others when I don't know what to listen to. Like now, for instance ; ) 

I always feel a bit lost when I cant' find anything to listen to...

I had a fortunate childhood, full of music, poetry, art, galleries...and most of all, this was all in my life, not in a street at some place far away. No; I made music, I had instruments at home and people to play them, I had books and knew people who wrote their souls out...I could create alongside with artists and artisans in my family. It's wonderful to remember this.

It all started with harmonicas, acustic guitars and voices (the 70's music...oh...) :))) There were three violins, totally unreachable for us, kids. I believed in fairytales, then, so in my mind the violins' trio had to live in one, it was the only explanation. They most likely came out of the closet when no one was watching.

Then came the piano...it was my life! Then life itself happened.
Life always happens, to shows us different paths to chose from. 

I chose to paint, to write and, finally, to sculpt. I fell in love with pottery and with the limitless world of creation. I had already had a glance when I tried composing themes on my piano...and this was it. 

For me creation never happens in misery. It's always shiny and bright.

Along these years and for many reasons, I found myself gathering a small colection of musical instruments. There's the piano, of course, and the harmonica given to me by a friend, a sax player who looks like Van Gogh :) The transversal flute that I saved from death, alongside with a dear friend at the time - I bought it from another sax player, curiously. Then I discovered I could sing (well...I think) and even got the chance of closing the Dias da Música at CCB on 2010 with the Symphonic Choir Lisboa Cantat - I hadn't had the thrill of going on stage for some time, then, and it was refreshing. Like when we dive in a fresh, blue, live sea on a summer's day.

I'd really like to add a hornpipe to this family :)

...and still don't have access to the three violins, although I'm a grown woman and even got to sing at the CCB's Big Auditorium :p 
Life's funny.

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