10 de dezembro de 2012

Winter Necklace | Statement Necklace

 Winter Necklace is both a cowl and a necklace - you can use it outside and indoors. If it's cold and you don't want to wear a cowl or a scarf...put on this Winter Necklace! It's a fashionable, statement piece that will make you look fabulous, trendy, modern...it's magical.

The lock in sterling silver makes this a jewelry piece. It's dimensions and the quality of the materials make it super confy and special. It's a statement piece, it won't go unnoticed!

Made of merino wool, produced in Portugal, this necklace can be used as a cowl and it will always be a star, making you shine your best features.

I called this one Snow White :)

I'll be happy to do it in your favorite colour and tipe of yarn. Please contact me so I can make the best Winter Necklace - yours :) Also if you want beads or bells in your Winter Statement Necklace, like you see in one of the pictures, please write me.

This is a great piece to wear at a Winter Wedding and also a beautilful gift to the Bride. On New Years' Eve you'll be a star, wearing this Winter Necklace in any colour.
Another tip - your Valentine will feel SUPER SPECIAL and eternally IN LOVE, if you give her a delicate Statement Necklace like this one.

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