22 de janeiro de 2013

Azulado - Sandra's talented work & shop.

Hello! How are you doing this week?

I'm coming here today without having planed it because I found out that there is a support group to a portuguese ceramist who's work I really admire - Sandra from the shop Azulado.

Sandra is going through one of the most difficult times of her life, after losing her husband to cancer. I was incredibly touched by her story and feel compelled to help somehow. 

A wonderful group of people feels the same. In the blog Star of the East we can actually make a difference in this wonderfully talented ceramist's life - they've created a system of raffles to raise money for Sandra; because everyone needs money, especially when you're an artist trying to live from your work independently and with an uncertain future. On the top of it, Sandra has a 5 year old son. In this situation, knowing that she has this support group really helps.

So I'm coming here today to let you know that buying a raffle will help Sandra in a difficult time and also give you the opportunity to win one of the pieces that several talented authors donated for this cause.

Another way is to buy directly from Sandra's shop - Azulado. She has beautiful, beautiful handmade ceramic pieces. I'm a fan and if you don't know her work yet, you'll be hooked too!

I hope together we'll help this collegue who I admire so much and wish all the best. 
 Kisses, Nena.

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