26 de outubro de 2012

Ode to Knitting!

Hi! I've been wrapped up in knitting projects for a few weeks, now and today I felt like coming here and write a bit. 

It started with the Pottery Colection and the purse Cauldron and I'm going on!

This week something happened that made me renew the love for knitting When I started ❅meNENices❅ , I had the intention of making everything knitted. Meanwhile, people started asking me to teach crochet and I beggined crochet projects very naturally. 

The thing is...I feel knitting has a richess and profoundness that you can't find in crochet or macramé, for instance. They are all very interesting, but the challenge I love the most is in knitting :)

I always felt crochet is for beginers (maybe because I started that way, at the age of 5, since it was easier for me, then), the real deal is knitting. :) I started knitting one year after that and I've been passioned about it ever since. I appologize to all crocheters in the world! :) See it this way, maybe you would say something similar about knitting :))) I know crochet saved some of your lives

I'm making an Ode to Knitting! I'm celebrating the challenge and the joy it brings us.
It gives us fluffier pieces, delicate stitches and a million ways to knit them, lots of potencial in the needles - there are so many of them!! Yay!!!

I accept you orders here.
And now also in my etsy shop - check it out!

I'm working on my new website, now that I've grown to be an even more prolific woman. 
You'll be the first to konw when I finish it :)
See you soon!

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